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    Les Clés de Paris

    The specialist of luxury tourism, local professional services and investment service in Paris.

    Les Clés de Paris

    Les clés de Paris Business- Tourism- Leisure-Investment

    The agency offers its expertise, a network of professionals and qualified experts to make your vacation in France unforgettable.
    Combine business and leisure, tourism and investment. Take advantage of your stay to be immersed in French culture.
    We wanna giving value to our history, our "savoir-faire" and manners.

    We design personalized travel, no pack, no usual place. Prestigious place, hight end partner, palace quality, concierge service.
    Listening, reactivity, consulting, booking with benefit, access to the closed world of Frenchs luxury. We give you the keys of Paris.

    The art of travel by Les clés de Paris

    Made in France

    Promoter of french mannors and savoir-faire. Our services enhancing the "french touch".

    made to measure

    Each guest is unique. Using your desires we create your french's novel.


    Prestigious spirit by Les clés de Paris follow you during all your vacation.

    Offer you the keys of Paris

    Individualized Travel

    They trust us